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Dumiss' Head Office in London Mayfair


Dumiss runs all its trading and logistics operations from their offices in central London. Apart from the company's usual trading activities and subsequent commercial, financial and related operational matters, a movement of goods across the globe still represents one of the greatest logistical challenges in this business.  

 Dumiss uses mainly ocean and river transportation for shipping different commodities to and from its commercial counterparts around the world. We employ certain types of ocean-going vessels and appropriate river barges for the transportation of grain, fertilisers and various metallurgy products from their origin to different sea ports across Europe, where those vessels are discharged or transhipped for further voyage to their final destinations in Europe, Asia and North Africa.








 Grain Cargo on the Danube - Transportion by River Barges





 Loading Fertilisers in Port of Reni





Bulk Carrier on Loading - Port of Southampton


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